Martina Serruto

IV A indirizzo Liceo Scientifico N.O.
Vincitori del canale B (lingua straniera), 2019

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The great philosopher Hannah Arendt spent a lot of time trying to understand the mysteries of evil. Especially after the war, she spent time studying conspicuous Nazis, who had committed horrifying crimes during the Second World War. Her studies led her to the conclusion that: The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil. […] A legally unrestricted majority rule, that is, a democracy without a constitution, can be very formidable in the suppression of the rights of minorities and very effective in the suffocation of dissent without the use of violence. Hannah Arendt, On Violence They tell me: “If you find a sleeping slave do not wake him up, maybe he's dreaming of freedom." And I answer: "If you find a slave asleep, wake him up, and talk to him about freedom." Khalil Gibran, The spiritual maxims And, indeed, the intellectuals, that are the experts of science and art, if as citizens exercise their right and fulfill their duty by ascribing to a party and faithfully serving it, as intellectuals they have only the duty to wait, with the work of investigation and criticism, and with the creations of art, to raise equally all men and all parties to the highest spiritual sphere, so that, with increasingly beneficial effects, fight the necessary struggles. Crossing these limits of the office assigned to them, contaminating politics, literature and science, is a mistake, which, when it is done, as in this case, to patronize deplorable violence and bullying and the suppression of freedom of the press, can not be said not even a generous mistake. B. Croce, Manifesto of the Anti-Fascist Intellectuals