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Prometheus, irresistibly unchained, to whom Science attributes unprecedented strenghts and, Economy gives an incessant impulse, requires an ethic which through self restrictions impedes his own power to become a misfortune for man…( ) However, in the name of technology, Ethics deals with actions ( even if no longer those of a single individual) which have a unrivalled causal relevance, to all this we have to add the scale of the possible long term consequences and often of their irreversibility. All this places responsability in the heart of Ethics and of a new categoric imperative :"Act as if the consequences of your action were compatible with the permanence of an authentic human Life on Earth “ or translated into negative ”Act as if the consequences of your action did not destroy the possibility of Life in the future” Jonas, Il principio responsabilità. Ricerca di un’etica per la civiltà tecnologica